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Features include a GE Film Series, "Our American Kitchen", OWN's Life's Little Questions, Work, Life, Play Podcast, Springs/City Lifestyle Magazine, Gazette and Flying with Style Magazine. A national award recipient of "Books for Better Living" and award-winning photographer, Elayne is a regular contributor to Colorado Springs Moms Blog and author of Sharing Our Life, Love and Food Cookbook.

Hi All - My name is Elayne Prechtel.  Welcome to this "life-giving" project of mine. 

Several years back, I haphazardly began building a legacy cookbook for my three kiddos. It wasn't the typical, run of the mill, cookbook.  It included so much more than recipes. Stories filled the pages along with life lessons, this girl's love of country life, the kitchen and community, my best attempt at artistically-crafted pages, all my own photos, and let's not forget the intentional "large font" so we can actually see the words on the page when trying to cook. 

I didn't realize when starting the book writing adventure that it would morph from a personal pet project for my kids into a community mission of "Sharing Life, Love and Food" through insightful gatherings, classes and events - all designed to spark inspiration and empower folks to lead an open-hearted life where people and community come first, no matter how beautiful or messy life gets.  This project has been life giving beyond belief not only to my heart but all the lives it has touched over the years.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for joining in on this mission.  Pull up a seat and enjoy this small slice of "soul-filled living" with good food, friends and people.

Much Love,