Elayne Prechtel

Events + More

Monthly "Super Souls"- Join us for one of our complimentary monthly "Super Souls" where we socialize the first hour and then connect over a "Super Soul" discussion or activity the second hour.  It's BYOB and snacks.  All women are welcome and encouraged to bring friends.  If you are craving an inspiring circle of sisterhood, this is for you!  It's time for getting real and being wholly authentically you. It's a place where we all learn how to be our best selves while championing each other on in life!  Topics vary from month to month.  Below is a list of topics we have/will cover. 

2015 - The Power of Intention, The Anatomy of Trust;

2016 - Life-Altering Power of a Positive Mind, Spiritual Purpose of Relationships, The Heart and Soul of a Comeback, You Matter, The Joy of Growing Younger, The Curiosity Driven Life, Path to Authenticity, Belief Creates Reality, Your Own Truth, Fear in the Heart, Reclaiming Our Lives, Purposeful Lives, Your Own Truth, Participate in Your Own Unfolding;  

2017 - Everything is Figureoutable, The Awakened Self, 7 Myths and 7 Truths About Healing, The Humble Journey to Greatness, Things I Learned in Prison You Can Apply To Your Life, Everybody has Soul Story, Shedding the Weight to a Better Life, The Awakening of the Consciousness, My Authenticity is My Activism, How to Live a Crazy Sexy Life, Songversation Worthy, Creating an Extraordinary Quality of Life, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible.;

2018 - The Bridge, A Life of Connection, The New Perception of Community, Finding Purpose, Be The Change, Lesson on Life,  The Difference Between Your Job & Your Work, First the Pain, Then the Rising, The Universe Has Your Back & More, Finding Their Way/A Personal Pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago Trail, Destination Super Soul, Exploring Comfort, A Wrinkle In Time, I Feel Pretty/What Is Your Mindset, Mind-Body Trend Here to Stay, Brene Brown's Top 10/Setting Boundaries, Giving is Living, Life Changing Lessons, Who Do You Say You Are, "Soup"er Soul Gathering Around the Table/Soup Sunday Dinner.

2019 - January Gathering Around the Table, How Will You Measure Your Life; The Connection between your Passions and Heart at the beautiful Flying Horse Ranch; A Lifetime of Health and Happiness through Friendship, and much more to come this year...

For more information, contact Elayne at prechtel@hotmail.com.